Eric Church announces new album 'Desperate Man'

Eric Church new album announce

Eric Church Announces New Album, 'Desperate Man', and New Single

Back in 2015, he surprise-released the album Mr. Misunderstood directly to his Church Choir fan club, and yesterday, he announced a follow-up called Desperate Man and shared its title track to that same fan club.

Church isn't the first artist to name-check his musical heroes in a song, but this time, he's taking things to the next level with Hubbard, the iconic Texas outlaw. Rolling Stone reports that the song is "a Southern rock anthem;" lyrics include "But, hey, what can I say?" The album's lead single is also titled "Desperate Man", and it's already available to his Church Choir, who always get exclusive access to Church's new music before it's released. "It's called Desperate Man and the first single is called 'Desperate Man.' Just like last time - just like Mr. Misunderstood - if you're in the Church Choir, on October 5 you're going to get the album". On Nov. 4 of that year, he surprise-released Mr. Misunderstood, secretly sending it out to his Church Choir members without any sort of announcement beforehand.

"I look forward to seeing you on the road". The record has been certified platinum and spawned four No. 1 singles.

At the time, Church noted, "Everyone is so focused on your first week".

That album will be pressed on white vinyl, and his fan club members will receive that along with a CD. "But I am more concerned with week 80 than week one".

"That's where "Desperate Man" kind of came from", he states.

The star and his family have been mourning death of his brother, Brandon.

"It's been a tough week", he said.

The fan added that Church played a song he had written with his brother.

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