Blockbuster Video down to one United States store

Andrew H. Walker  Getty Images

Andrew H. Walker Getty Images

An iconic American entertainment business is down to just one location. These movies weren't streaming, or on disc. Now, the last two Blockbusters in Alaska are going away. Now there's just one.

It's the end of an era as two more Blockbuster locations are set to close, leaving only one lonely location in the US. One location on DeBarr Road in Anchorage and another store in Fairbank will be closing down on Monday. "We will reopen for our inventory sale on Tuesday, July 17th at 12 noon and will run through the months of July and August".

After next week, Bend, Oregon will be the proud owner of the only functioning Blockbuster Video in the country. They employed roughly 84,000 individuals worldwide. Sadly, Blockbuster founder Wayne Huizenga died this past March. In May, John Oliver and HBO even donated a weird assortment of Russell Crowe paraphernalia to one of the Anchorage stores that announced plans to close on Thursday.

The Anchorage store has been open since 1990 and the Fairbanks store since 1991. There, they built a shrine to the actor with such props as a hood from Robin Hood and a Vest from Les Miserables. In the segment, Oliver offered movie memorabilia to the stores to help increase business. After announcing it would close its final 300 retail stores, the company vowed to continue serving customers online through an On Demand app. Most of the USA stores closed shop soon after that. But to the best of her knowledge, after the Alaska stores close, her location will be the only one left in America.

In 2013, there were thirteen Blockbuster stores in Alaska, which fell to nine by 2016.

Daymude said the items will be returned to the owner of the stores. But the lease on both properties is up. The owners told Deadline that while the stores are still profitable, the money they're making is rapidly declining, and it wouldn't make financial sense to renew the leases.

It was the great poet Percy Shelley who once wrote: "And on the pedestal, these words appear: My name is Blockbuster, Video Store of Video Stores; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" Or it could be gone as early as tomorrow. That store may stay open for at least another ten more years.

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