European Union warns May that Brexit plans must be workable

Can the turmoil keep sterling down?

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Paddy Power already see the wolves circling around May, and have been quick with their specials: "Brexit chief David Davis's resignation last night has ramped up Conservative in-fighting, as a revolt seems increasingly likely". Together with a customs partnership (which would require the collect tariffs on the EU's behalf), this could remove the need for a physical border between Ireland and Northern Ireland-avoiding one of the greatest dangers aroused by this ill-conceived project-and allow close-to-frictionless trade in goods between Britain and Europe.

The US President has declined to offer support to the embattled Prime Minister after five MPs, including leading Brexiteers Johnson and David Davis, quit their roles in protest of her plan for leaving the EU. These firms would, of course, favour a "soft Brexit" as that will ensure continued access to the single market comprising the remaining 27 European Union states, and some have put expansion plans on hold until there is greater clarity on Britain's exit by March 2019.

"We're extremely confident in the ability of the United Kingdom to plough through this issue with Brexit and move on", he said.

Ross Thomson, who represents Aberdeen South, used a podcast for the Brexit Central website to criticise the plans agreed by Cabinet members at Chequers.

Asked whether May was in trouble following the rash of departures from her government on Monday, he replied: "No".

May has briefed leaders including EU President Donald Tusk and German Chancellor Angela Merkel on her plan and reported a positive response, although they are awaiting the detail.

And while Britain will no longer fall under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice - a longtime bugbear of Brexit supporters - British courts will "pay due regard" to European court case law in relevant cases.

The amendments would also: ensure "reciprocity of customs collection" to treat Britain and the EU as equals; put into law that Britain will not be part of the EU's Value-Added Tax regime; and require that any customs union would be created by primary legislation.

Johnson reportedly compared the promotion of the plan to "polishing a turd".

Britain voted for Brexit in June 2016, but May has so far been unable to present a common position to Brussels on what she wants because of deep divisions in her government.

Britain has given up trying to keep full access to the European Union market for its giant financial services sector after Brexit and instead will push for an easing of existing rules, the Financial Times reported.

In the immediate aftermath of the Cabinet signing up to Theresa May's soft Brexit strategy on Friday, the odds of a Conservative leadership contest in 2018 were 2/1.

Rees-Mogg told The Sun the amendments would "help the government stick to the promises it made".

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