Starbucks announces plans to go strawless by 2020

29 2018 a woman is seen in front of a Starbucks shortly before it closes early for anti-bias training in Washington DC. Starbucks was back in hot water

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In the US, Seattle - hometown of Starbucks - is the only major city to have so far banned the use of plastic straws in its eateries.

In order to become more sustainable than ever, Starbucks will implement the lids for iced drinks across all of its stores.

If a strawless lid sounds a bit funky to you, you can start trying it today.

To comply with the July 1 plastic straw ban, Starbucks stores in Seattle are offering customers new compostable straws, splash sticks and cutlery.

"We are raising the water line for what's acceptable and inspiring our peers to follow suit". Some of America's largest cities like NY and San Francisco have proposed plans to remove plastic straws as well. These straws will be available for drinks such as the Frappuccino that are meant to be consumed via straw and will be available on request. Blended ice drinks will be distributed using biodegradable straw replacements.

The announcement comes on a the heels of a movement to reduce global waste, and prevent harmful plastics from ending up in oceans. At the time, Starbucks wavered on the proposal; a company spokesperson told Mic that Starbucks would be developing a "recyclable and compostable cup solution", but wouldn't reveal specifically its plans for straws.

Takeaway coffee cups aren't easy to recycle - they contain a mixture of paper and plastic and have to go to a specialist recycling plant to be recycled.

Seattle and Vancouver, BC will be the first cities to sip on their iced drinks without straws, with other locations launching the new lids through 2020.

Other cities, like Fort Myers Beach in Florida, have banned plastic straws, and similar proposals are being considered in NY and San Francisco.

Fast-food chain McDonald's have also said that it will be switching to paper straws by next year in the United Kingdom and Ireland. A global rollout of the strawless lids will follow, beginning in Europe where they will be used in some stores in France and the Netherlands, as well as in the United Kingdom.

Cravens Coffee owner Simon Thompson said the roastery's wholesale customers are approaching him about eco-friendly options for straws, including ones made by Indiana-based Aardvark Straws, which focuses on paper options. Additionally, they encourage customers to use reusable tumblers.

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