Microsoft’s rumored $400 Surface tablet is now expected to launch this week

Microsoft Surface affordable tablet passes the FCC

Microsoft opens flagship Surface store in Taipei

Laptops and tablets have larger form factors and therefore the convenience of unlocking them simply with a glance or a short look is more suited to them rather than the concentrated, tiny space available on a smartphone.

Microsoft quietly has shifted its goal for Surface hardware from carving out new niches which can be exploited by Microsoft and its OEM partners, to expanding the overall market for Surface. The official Microsoft Surface Twitter account today posted an image of its current family of devices, all with the date of Tuesday, July 10 on their lock screens with the caption: "Where will Surface go next?" How much does it cost?

Starts at $399 for education customers.

The price for the actual Surface Go starts from $399 for the 4/64 GB version and goes to $549 for the 8/128 GB variant. Microsoft could just be preparing retail stores and employees with information about the new 10-inch Surface device, as well as a new Type Cover. "It also has high precision".

Battery life is rated at 9 hours, which is a bit short compared to the marathon batteries in more recent Surface devices, but we'll have to see how that holds up in real world use.

Where will Surface go next? The keyboard will be offered in three colors - Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Platinum. On the connectivity front, the new Surface tablets support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1. Apparently, both can be used for charging.

On Monday, the company teased the upcoming product with a tweet that said "Where will Surface go next?" If you aren't familiar, this means you can unlock tne tablet by simply looking at it. The storage is expandable via a micro SD card slot.

Make no mistake, Microsoft's Surface business in total is still a fraction of Apple's enormous hardware revenues. The whole device measures 245x175x8.3mm and weigh a little more than half a kilo. Hey, at least it's fanless. The max is 8GB, which is what most consumers should target if they want it to last several years.

Why did Microsoft build this 10-inch, Pentium-based device, given that the company's mission with its Surface products has been to go somewhere its OEM partners have not gone before - in other words, to create new and previously untapped markets/categories for Windows devices. For commercial-channel buyers, you will have the option to have this device shipped with Windows 10 Pro. Surface Go is small and mighty, giving you the performance you need to be productive.

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