Fortnite Season 5 starting on July 12

The Fortnite Mobile app has proved popular on iOS

EPIC GAMESThe Fortnite Mobile app has proved popular on iOS

While people argue about the gun meta on a week-to-week basis, behind the scenes Epic is adding a ton of general content to the game, from new weapons and items to sweeping map changes, events, and cosmetics.

In the lead-up to Season 5 of Fortnite, numerous users on Reddit, Twitter, and other areas of the internet have begun posting their findings of what appears to be an elaborate ARG that Epic Games is crafting based on Fortnite. Recent leaks also suggest that the entire map could undergo a massive makeover and feature a desert theme for all of Season 5 with completely revamped places of interest.

This follows previous delays for Fortnite fans during past season crossovers. The season's release date was actually first announced just before Independence Day, so with this tweet, the countdown begins.

So while Fortnite fans have a few extra days to complete their tiers, Season 4 will finish on Wednesday, July 11.

The Fortnite Worlds Collide event will happen on July 12.

Because if there's one thing Epic Games is great at, it's keeping fans interested with its interesting marketing displays.

Season 5 will start at 9am BST, which is 4am eastern time and 1am Pacific time.

While it may sound silly grabbing the battle pass so late in the season, it could still be a good option for those who have been playing a lot over the past six weeks.

Fortnite is not as old as other online multiplayer games with millions of players, such as World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike, or World of Tanks, but it definitely managed to quickly gain a large following.

The Fortnite season 5 teaser image was posted alongside the message: "3 days until Season 5..."

As the game that is on everyone's mind at the moment, there haven't been many opportunities to escape from the grasp of the ever-popular Fortnite, though the title now appears to be bleeding between the lines of digital fantasy and IRL reality with an apparent new ARG/scavenger hunt from Epic Games.

These teaser images showed different superhero skins coming in the upcoming Fortnite Battle Pass.

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