Family of Ohio State doctor says it's cooperating in probe

Matt Gaetz says questions about Jim Jordan are 'deliberate' attempt to hurt probe of FBI conduct

A Republican Congressman Is Accused of Ignoring Sexual Abuse. Now He's Attacking His Accusers.

Jordan, who was assistant coach from 1986 to 1994, denies having had knowledge of any abuse at the time, and said that if he had known, he would have done something about it.

Strzok has become a focus of House Republicans after special counsel Robert Mueller removed him from the Russian Federation probe over questions of anti-Trump texts.

Republican congressman Jim Jordan is forcefully denying allegations that he knew Ohio State University wrestlers he coached were being sexually abused by the team doctor.

Some of his backers have suggested that Jordan's accusers are also part of a "deep state" conspiracy to derail his political future.

In response to the wrestlers' claim that the doctor's abuse was discussed openly in the locker room, Jordan insisted that "conversations in a locker room are a lot different than allegations of abuse".

In his statement defending Jordan, Gohmert also called the firm representing the accusers, Perkins Coie, "a Washington, DC-based dirty tricks law firm".

In the statement forwarded to reporters by a Virginia public-relations firm, Hellickson said he and Jordan never sidestepped or avoided "challenges for our wrestlers just because the circumstances were painful or uncomfortable - in fact, those are the kind of circumstances that motivated Jim the most". They say DiSabato has a long-running beef with Ohio State University over the loss of his right to license merchandise and say he is pulling Jordan into the scandal in order to publicize the scandal to the detriment of Ohio State.

Andy Geiger, a former Ohio State athletic director, said Monday he doesn't recall any complaints during his tenure about a team doctor's alleged sexual misconduct with athletes. "I know they do".

"At no time while Jim Jordan was a coach with me at Ohio State did either of us ignore abuse of our wrestlers", the statement continued.

It came as President Barack Obama's former chief ethics lawyer and the head of the Democracy 21 watchdog group asked the House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics to examine whether Jordan was lying when he claimed to be unaware of sexual abuse by the team doctor. "I think the only reason he's being dragged into it is because of his political stature, and I think that's bad". I believe him 100%.

"Jim Jordan goes against the powerful interests at the Federal Bureau of Investigation & deep state to expose them & hold them accountable for their crimes", tweeted Mike Tokes, a founder of The New Right, a conservative political organization. When the interviewer pressed him about whether he had actually heard wrestlers talking in the locker room about misconduct, Jordan said he "did not, did not" hear anything.

The group also included former assistant coaches Dave Ruckman, Rex Holman, Ken Chertow, Myron Kharchilava and Kenny Ramsey well as Lee Kemp, a former OSU assistant coach who had previously sent out a statement of support, and former volunteer assistant coach John Dougherty.

DiSabato, whose allegations against Strauss prompted the university to investigate, called Jordan a liar outright.

"I complained more than three times". He lost a licensing agreement with Ohio State. "Along with the alleged victims, our family seeks the truth and is fully cooperating with The Ohio State University's independent investigation". "The speaker will await the findings of that inquiry".

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