Niantic’s Ingress is getting an anime series on Netflix

Netflix Lines up an INGRESS Anime Series

Pokemon Go creator's other main project, Ingress, is getting an anime

Niantic is widely known for creating Pokemon Go, but the developer first made its name with Ingress, the augmented reality mobile game that served as much of the foundation for hit Pokemon title. The character designs will be done by Takeshi Honda (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and directed by CG artist, Yuhei Sakuragi.

"The anime peers into the Ingress universe and allows viewers to see a part of that universe that is uniquely expressed", Niantic founder, John Hanke, told Variety. The story line will overlap with the original game and will, according to Variety's report, be used to segue into Ingress Prime, the upcoming game sequel. Ingress: The Animation will include an antagonist who drives the corporation's plans and will also make an appearance in Ingress Prime. Hanke said that Niantic will incorporate learnings from both Ingress and Pokemon Go into the sequel to improve on it. "Ingress is a deliberately obscure game".

The series, titled Ingress: The Animation, takes place in Ingress, a world where mysterious portals are leaking exotic matter into the universe. "We want to make that smoother for Ingress Prime". Sarah is given the ability to perceive "certain aspects of time and space", while Makoto has a form of psychometry that lets him see the history of nearly any object once he has touched it. "Think of it like a reboot of a superhero franchise". The trio are pulled into the faction war between the Enlightened and the Resistance, while trying to find out more about a shady corporation carrying out experiments on human subjects.

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