At Least One Dead After Helicopter Crashes Into Townhouses, Causing Massive Fire

At least one dead after helicopter crashes into residential Virginia neighborhood, sparking a fire

One Dead After a Helicopter Crashes Into a Virginia Residence

At least one person was killed when a helicopter crashed into a 10-unit condominium in a residential neighborhood of Williamsburg, Va., officials said Sunday.

The Federal Aviation Administration reported that the aircraft was an R44 helicopter with only the pilot onboard.

The College of William and Mary issued an alert about the crash near its campus but has confirmed that it did not occur on school property.

The helicopter crashed into the apartment building at 4:35 p.m. Sunday, Anaya said. "Once the fire department makes the building secure, then the FAA and NTSB will go inside to try to find the aircraft".

Officials say firefighters worked through the night to put out the fire and hot spots in the building.

FOX40 sister station WTKR reports as of 8:30 p.m., Virginia State Police reported that search and recovery efforts were ongoing at the scene and that there was one confirmed fatality inside the residential structure.

The US Navy confirmed the accident did not involve any of its aircraft.

This is the terrifying aftermath of a helicopter crash in a residential area in the United States.

People who live in the area described hearing a low-flying helicopter before a loud explosion and fire.

A witness told Burns that he will never forgot the sound of the helicopter colliding with the side of this townhouse complex.

Burns called damage to the complex is "incredibly extensive".

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