Watch some Mario Tennis Aces gameplay on Pro level

Mario Tennis Aces: Beginner's Guide

Mario Tennis Aces smashes onto the court!

Nintendo Switch owners have no doubt heard about the recent release of Mario Tennis Aces, the latest in a long line of sports titles featuring Big N's most recognizable characters.

Players can unleash an arsenal of shots and strategies in all-out tennis battles with friends, family and Mushroom Kingdom characters. Moreover, the fan-requested story mode is back, introducing a new demonic tennis racket for Mario to combat.

While the last two Mario Tennis installments were rather subpar, Aces looks to be a return to form for the once vibrant spin-off series, interjecting personality back onto the courts. If you want a topspin shot, for instance, just press A when you smash the ball with your racket. You can execute a slice but press the B button. You can perform a lob buy pressing up on the left joystick and pressing the X button. When you tap the stick, you'll perform your Trick Shot animation, and it can not be canceled, so you're locked in from there. Not only will a charge shot make your shot more powerful it also helps you build energy!

The drop shot is basically a back spin, where the ball will land toward the front of the court and bounce much lower than other shots. The good news is that, after a quick glance at the character select screen, you will immediately notice that they are mostly already available for you to play as without any effort required. If you can pull of Trick Shots with flawless timing over and over again, you'll get a massive amount of energy as a reward. When you have your energy meter completely full, you can press the L button at any time - you don't need a star on the court - and you'll be able to aim the ball just like a zone shot. It's imperative that you don't make a mistake when making the decision which direction you want to move in, so doing the wrong thing could very well cost you points during a match.

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