Hot Dog Water: Canadian Performance Artist Cons Buyers of Health Drink

A vendor at Vancouver's annual Car Free Day festival was selling bottles of unfiltered hot dog water

A vendor at Vancouver's annual Car Free Day festival was selling bottles of unfiltered hot dog water

Douglas Bevans just wanted to see how well his "Hot Dog Water", selling for nearly $40 a bottle, would do on the market, based on made-up health claims, CTV News reported. After selling dozens of bottles, Bevins admitted it was all a stunt.

Hot Dog water is real in that it's actually water with an organic hot dog in it, but Bevans is a performance artist and his product is commentary on what we're willing to buy in the name of health and wellness. Douglas Bevins, a vendor at the festival, sold the hot dog water for $38 a bottle, claiming that it would improve brain function, keep you looking younger and help with weight loss.

Not only that, but when hot dog water is applied to the skin in the form of lip balm, it would erase crow's feet.

Bottles of the stuff were spotted at a Car Free Day festival booth in Vancouver last weekend, for the low-low price of $37.99 a pop, or two bottles for just $75. "They've been drinking it for hours", Bevans told the Global News, adding that the booth had sold about 60 litres.

He told people the water creates quicker sodium uptake for good health, uttering sheer quackery: "Because Hot Dog Water and perspiration resemble each other so when you drink Hot Dog Water it bypasses the lymphatic system, whereas other waters have to go through your filtering system, so really, Hot Dog Water has three times as much uptake as coconut water". The creator revealed that he wanted to get consumers to stop and think about whether or not the healthy and often expensive products they buy have any health benefits at all. A lesson, for those bothering to read the fine print at the bottom of his sign, which suggested he was conducting a piece of performance art, of sorts: "Hot Dog Water in its absurdity hopes to encourage critical thinking related to product marketing and the significant role it can play in our purchasing choices", it read. "There's an image attached to it, that it's ridiculous".

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