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Chrome's data saver has been great for users in developing countries, and this new addition will help to save further precious bytes assuming the content it decides to download is actually relevant. Amanda Boss, Product Manager, Offline Chrome for Android, announced Chrome's new ability to allow users to surf the web even without a constant internet connection. No word yet on when it'll come to other countries like the USA or UK.

The feature automatically downloads articles it thinks you'll want based on the most popular content in your location. The latest update to Chrome for Android has removed the option to disable suggested articles in the homepage, which means that suggested articles will always be shown even when they're irrelevant. According to Google India's blog post, it will be available in "India, along with more than 100 countries including Nigeria, Indonesia, and Brazil", confirming the feature's focus on emerging markets. And if you're signed into your Google account in Chrome, then articles that get downloaded in the background will be geared towards your personal interests, based on your browsing history. That can be seen as either pretty helpful or a little creepy depending on your opinion. The functionality lets the browser save stuff like news articles when your device is connected to the Internet, so that they can be made available for offline viewing. Google Chrome on Android will automatically download articles when you're connected to Wi-Fi so that you can read the content offline, Cnet reported.

Google didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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