Crypto Celebrity John McAfee survives Assassination attempt

Crypto Celebrity John McAfee survives Assassination attempt

John McAfee Suffers Massive Publicity Attack

Tech tycoon John McAfee took to Twitter Friday morning to discuss his three-day hiatus from the website.

We at 71 Republic are wishing Mr. McAfee a quick and healthy return to the cryptocurrency community and we will be updating his condition in the following days. Just days after receiving notifications that he must tune down his marketing materials regarding ICO tokens, something made him fall ill and even foul-play in that he says "my enemies managed to spike something that I ingested". Youh had better be gone. However, I am more hard to kill than anyone can possibly imagine.

In November 2012, Belize police searched for McAfee as a "person of interest", related to the murder of American ex-pat Gregory Viant Faull, who was found dead of a gunshot wound, and whom was also a neighbor of McAfee.

He finished his tirade with a picture of himself and his wife Janice letting the would-be-assassins know exactly what they think of them. On Tuesday, however, he wrote on Twitter that he would no longer be working with cryptocurrency ICOs or recommending them, "due to SEC threats". McAfee has been harshly commenting on recent SEC announcements and decisions; but, with no lack of potential enemies it might be a little too much of a tin foil hat theory if he is implying that a United States governmental organization has made an assassination attempt on his life.

In a conversation he did not have with Crypto Briefing, McAfee said he would be back at work immediately, and then expressed his gratitude at the strong Santiments from well-wishers and the public.

Just a couple of hours ago, John McAfee announced his ultra secure wallet - built by Bitfi. "Anyway, you must check it out".

McAfee, who is frequently mistaken for Al Pacino by those who know neither, is reported to be resting comfortable after his poordeal, and is expecting to get back to work soon.

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