9000 barrels of bourbon tumble to ground after building collapses

The Nelson County Gazette

The Nelson County Gazette

A partial building collapse at a distillery near Louisville, Kentucky, sent thousands of bourbon barrels tumbling down a hillside Friday morning. The warehouse, one of several buildings on the distillery's 192-acre site, holds about 20,000 barrels of aging bourbon. The structure has a 12-foot (3.6-meter) basement that would help contain spills, said Joe Prewitt, the local emergency management director.

WLKY reported that water samples from the area have come back clean and the EPA is on scene. Fortunately, however, no one except the bourbon was injured in the accident.

Despite the collapse of a rickhouse full of bourbon yesterday, the Barton 1792 Distillery will be open for business as usual Saturday.

'We are assessing how numerous impacted barrels can be recovered, ' Louisiana-based spirits company Sazerac spokeswoman Amy Preske said. Barton 1792's normal "summer shutdown", which is when bourbon distilleries shut down for a short time period in the summer for repairs and routine maintenance, began last week.

Pardon bourbon lovers for crying in their beer after half of the barrels being aged at a Kentucky distillery building fell to the ground when part of the structure collapsed.

There were no reports of injuries.

The distillery is owned by Sazerac.

The distillery said its operations will not be affected by the collapse.

Officials say it could take days to weeks for the company to fully assess the extent of damage. At this time we do not know which Barton 1792 brands or customers will be impacted.

Bourbon ages for years in charred new oak barrels, where it acquires its color and flavor.

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