'Pokemon Go' will add trading feature, and it's perfectly safe for kids

Pokemon Go How to add Friends in Pokemon Go

NIANTICPokemon Go How to add Friends in Pokemon Go

The only catch with this new feature is that you must be at least a level 30 in order to trade with another Pokemon trainer at the moment, although it is expected that players at other levels will be able to trade as well in the coming days as the new feature is rolled out.

If another trainer accepts your "friend request", you'll be able to link your Pokemon Go accounts and makes use of these new in-game perks.

Almost two years after the game's initial launch, and Pokemon GO is finally adding a feature that has been long-requested by fans.

Pokemon Go is finally allowing a section of players to trade their captured Pokemon with each other, after an online update to Niantic's free-to-play AR game. These players also confirmed that the Friend Code is a unique 12-digit number, which isn't entirely dissimilar to the friend codes used to connect players on Nintendo devices.

According to those who got access the earliest, it will take about three months of trading, sending gifts, and participating in gym or raid battles to raise your friendship level to "Best Friend".

The friends feature should add an extra layer of gameplay to Pokemon GO, and ultimately, it will help players better complete their Pokedex. You develop your friendships based on how much time you spend playing the game together in a number of the other activities. Depending on the friendship level, trades cost more or less stardust. These gifts contain special 7km eggs that can be hatched into Alolan Pokemon, which are variants of select first-generation Pokemon first introduced in the Pokemon Sun and Moon games.

The trading feature itself isn't meant to be easy.

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