Meghan Markle had to take a FERTILITY test before marrying Prince Harry

Getty Images Kate Middleton didn't attend the service as she is currently on maternity leave

Getty Images Kate Middleton didn't attend the service as she is currently on maternity leave

The former wife of Prince Andrew even shared a joke with the Queen alongside her daughter Princess Beatrice and Lady Carolyn Warren, showing she still shares a close bond with the monarch.

The Duchess of Sussex is starting to get the hang of being a royal.

Fergie, who Prince Philip is reportedly not too fond of, might seem to be back in the good books with the Royal Family ahead of Princess Eugenie's wedding later this year but it's worth noting the Duchess of York's badge doesn't appear to be one of the purple ones, like those the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had earlier in the week. At Royal Ascot 2018, we've had a virtual fashion show of of our favourite royals in gorgeous hats by some of the world's most renowned hat designers, from Meghan Markle in Phillip Treacy to Sophie, the Countess of Wessex in Jane Taylor. The Queen stuck true to her trademark style, wearing a gorgeous matching hat and coat in an eye-catching shade of lime green, accented with pink flowers.

According to a June 22 report by The Sun, Meghan Markle's body language has allegedly changed since she tied the knot with Prince Harry, expert Tracy Brown says. Moments later, both Sarah and Beatrice were seen curtsying when the Queen made her entrance in the parade ring, with the mother-of-two holding onto her eldest daughter's hand to aid her balance.

"In the photos of her interacting before being married into the Royal Family, she's more prone to have a respectful distance between her and whoever she's interacting with in the family, deferring to their position and keeping a more formal feel to the exchange", she said.

At one point, Sarah was seen adjusting her ex-husband's lapel as they happily chatted away.

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