Apple admits to flaws in MacBook Pro keyboard, launches fix program

Image Credit Jordan Novet  VentureBeat

Image Credit Jordan Novet VentureBeat

Data collected shows a failure rate of 11.8 percent for 2016 MacBook Pro keyboards with 165 issues out of 1402 samples. It slowly became known that the new butterfly style keys which showed up on the latest models of the MacBook and the MacBook Pro were faulty since once they let in dust and debris inside, there was no way for it to get out. Out-of-warranty repairs can cost $700 (roughly Rs. 47,500), requiring an upper case replacement.

U.S. tech giant Apple has acknowledged that a small percentage of keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models may exhibit malfunctions, such as letters or characters repeating unexpectedly, not appearing, or experiencing "sticky" keys that do not respond in a consistent manner. The so-called "butterfly" keys allowed for a much lower-profile keyboard with reduced travel distance when pressed.

After months of stonewalling an unhappy owner base, Apple has finally chosen 5PM on a Friday to acknowledge an issue with some MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards. These minimalist noteook keyoards, asically, are terrile: the key tops fall off, ad they ecome unresponsive when you push down o them or simple not work at all after a few weeks or moths of use. However, things didn't go in Apple's favour and users started complaining about keyboard issues soon after. Nor did it say how the new replacement keyboards will remain error-free. The move comes as Apple faces class action lawsuits, claiming that the MacBook maker designed flawed keyboards since 2015.

Apple posted special cleaning instructions for laptops with butterfly key switches in 2017, but no other information. But tech site The Verge has called the keyboards "famously problematic". That has to take place at an Apple Store or authorized service provider, too, which means owners have been left without their computer for periods of time. Which explains the service program. If a laptop has other damage that has to be fixed before the keyboard can be replaced, Apple said in its service program page that a charge may apply. If there's existing damage which impacts Apple's ability to fix the keyboard, that will have to be fixed first; it may involve a fee to do so.

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