Uber Bookings No Longer Available On Google Maps

Google has removed the ability to order Uber rides from Maps on Android

Google Maps for Android can no longer book an Uber directly from the app

Apple Maps also features the Flyovers mode, a feature that enables a user to explore certain densely populated urban centers and other places of interest in a 3D landscape composed of models of buildings and structures.

To see available rides, Android smartphone or tablet users need to open the Google Maps app and need to ensure they're signed in to their Google account. It seems Uber integration was pulled from Google Maps for iOS last summer, but when we tore down the Maps version 9.72 APK for Android in February of this year, it was still there. The feature didn't require Google Maps users to even have the ridesharing app installed in order to book a ride. Sure, it's a couple of extra steps but it's not exactly a deal breaker. This move levels the playing field for all taxi-hailing services as well. The updated message on Google Maps reads as "you can no longer book Uber rides directly in Google Maps".

Android Police spotted a support page, entitled "Request a Ride", on Monday.

It is not completely care why Google has taken such a decision at this time, but the decision to add that ability in January 2017 was greeted with mixed feelings.

The help page for Google Maps also confirmed the change and also reiterated how users would now have to go about requesting a ride via Google Maps. Tech companies fighting amongst themselves often results in the end user being inconvenienced in some way and we hope that Google and Uber sort their differences before things get too bad.

Google Maps will redirect you to the merchant's website.

You all should know that a report is pointing out that an Alphabet's venture capital business large investment in Lyft could likely be the reason that integration was removed.

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