Trump says he won’t sign ‘moderate’ immigration bill in GOP setback

GOP Drafts Bill Overturning Policy of Separating Families at Border

Trump: 'I certainly wouldn't sign' House GOP immigration compromise

And Bloomberg reports the White House "told lawmakers he misspoke".

The Senate will vote on a defense measure that would retain steep sanctions on China's ZTE Corp. recently lifted by Trump.

Some Republicans who support the president said Trump knew exactly what he was doing as lawmakers tried to cobble a simple majority for a vote sometime next week.

The proposed fix won approval from moderate House Republicans locked in hard re-election battles, but not from Republican Senate candidates running competitive races in GOP-leaning states. The President misunderstood the question this morning on Fox News.

Republican leaders have generally tried to minimize their differences with Trump. That happened last week when Senate GOP leaders tamped down a drive by Senator Bob Corker to curtail Trump's ability to impose tariffs on trade partners, blocking his effort to get a vote on the proposal.

Many Republicans view roll calls on the bills to be a crucial election-year statement to voters on where they stand on immigration.

"I think he's correctly gauging where the American people are on the issue and informing the legislature that they've got to go back and do some more work", Perry said.

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, R-N.C., told reporters Friday that he believes Trump has an accurate understanding of what is in the draft compromise and is simply pushing for the most conservative bill - not ending the talks.

To prevent these moderates from forcing a vote and embarrassing House Republicans by passing a liberal immigration bill without voting on a conservative one, Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., announced this week that both bills would come up for a vote next week.

Facing a national uproar, House GOP leaders included a provision in the immigration proposal that would require families to be kept together for as long as they are in the custody of the Homeland Security Department.

Trump indicated his opposition to the bill during an impromptu appearance on "Fox & Friends", which was being aired on the White House lawn.

"When the president says he's not going to sign it, just shows how low his standards are", said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. He said the legislation is likely the only chance Republicans will have to pass a bill to fund the border wall and protect immigrants who are in the country illegally after being brought here as children, known as DREAMers.

The Goodlatte bill goes further.

To reduce overall immigration, the measure would end a diversity lottery program and limit family-based immigration.

A new Trump administration policy that refers everyone who has crossed the border illegally for prosecution has forced the separation of many migrant families, since children can't be detained in criminal jails alongside their parents.

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. and was confirmed by two House Republican aides who requested anonymity ahead of a formal announcement. Let's keep in mind that administration officials had been internally debating whether to make this change since nearly the beginning of the Trump presidency, and the hard-liners like Stephen Miller finally won out with their argument that precisely because of its cruelty, separating children from their parents would provide a powerful deterrent to those considering crossing the border.

In Pennsylvania, Rep. Lou Barletta, the Republican nominee against Democratic Sen.

On the border wall, Goodlatte's bill authorizes the $25 billion project, but FAIR added the "money would still need to be appropriated".

The push toward immigration votes in the House is intensifying the divide among Republicans on one of the party's most animating issues and fueling concerns that a voter backlash could cost the GOP control of the House in November.

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