Zero teaser featuring Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan released

How will Salman Khan’s Race 3 do at the box office as it is all set to release

How will Salman Khan’s Race 3 do at the box office as it is all set to release

A day before Salman Khan's much-anticipated film Race 3 hits the screens, Shah Rukh Khan released a new teaser of his upcoming film Zero. However, just days before it hits screens rumours surfaced that the makers of Race 3 had in fact made a decision to postpone the release of the film in the U.A.E/ G.C.C markets by a day, essentially meaning that Race 3 would hit screens only on Friday instead of Thursday. Fanclubs shared stills from the teaser, one of which shows Salman and Shah Rukh dressed in identical leather jackets with red gamchas (reminiscent of Amitabh Bachchan's Hum outfit) around their necks, greeting each other with folded hands.

The two superstars then perform their favorite hook steps and finally, SRK jumps into Salman's arms and even kisses him. The video showed SRK dancing to Shashi Kapoor's popular number, Affoo Khudaya. which starred Shashi Kapoor and Nanda. It was sung by the legend Mohammad Rafi, and the makers of Zero have used the song in the teaser as well as the film.

Within minutes of the teaser's release, the internet was brimming with hilarious memes featuring Shah Rukh and Salman.

The film is about a vertically challenged man (played by Shah Rukh), who falls in love with a superstar (played by Katrina).

Zero also stars Anushka Sharma, who will apparently be seen as a scientist struggling to be successful.

Zero releases this Christmas on December 21.

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