Whoops! Target issues apology for 'Baby Daddy' card

The inside of the card as noted by a user on Saunders post does include the message'You're a wonderful husband and father- and I'm so grateful to have you as my partner my friend and my baby daddy

Target Removes 'Baby Daddy' Father's Day Cards After Social Media Reads Them For Filth

It's not sweet or nice, ' she stated. "We have notified our store merchandisers to remove the card from the shelves and apologize for any offense we've caused".

When Takeisha Saunders found the card, meant for Father's Day, at her local Target in May, she took to Facebook to express her disappointment. "It's a term used to describe a deadbeat or absent parent", she wrote.

The popular chain said: We assure you it is never our intention to offend our guests with the merchandise we provide.

Responding to the complaints, Target is pulling the card from about 900 stores, spokesman Joshua Thomas said in a statement given to The Kansas City Star on Wednesday.

The shopper, Takeisha Saunders, claimed it was the only card Target offered featuring a black couple.

Inside, the card reads, "You're a wonderful husband and father - and I'm so grateful to have you as my partner, my friend, and my baby daddy!"

After the outcry, Target said it was removing the cards from the shelves and issued an apology to offended shoppers. Still, Saunders said it doesn't excuse the culturally insensitive term displayed on the front of the card. There are plenty of black men that are EXCELLENT FATHERS, not "baby daddies"! "By posting my comment, I hoped to shed some light on why I was upset about it". We appreciate the feedback and apologize. Other commenters wondered what message Target intends to send simply by stocking the card.

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