We Finally Know What IHOP Is Changing Its Name To

IHOP is now IHOb: The International House of Burgers

'International House of Burgers'? Check out the best, worst Twitter reactions to 'IHOb'

In 1973, the company's executives thought an acronym would better suit their image, so IHOP became the name pancake lovers used when they needed a pancake fix.

Burger King changed its display name and logo to "Pancake King" and got snarky on Twitter about IHOP encroaching on burger territory.

"An IHOP in Hollywood is getting new IHOb signs, and some others might get the treatment".

After days of speculation, the restaurant formerly known as IHOP has revealed all the secrets behind its mysterious name change.

However, the president of IHOP Darren Rebelez told Business Insider not to worry - pancakes "aren't going anywhere" at the chain.

The announcement is initially met with a negative response online.

But some people think they know what the "B" stands for after visiting an IHOP location.

The classic A-frame pancake house is the newest aging company to take on a new marketing tactic to generate viral buzz.

Some of IHOP's new burgers are Cowboy BBQ, Big Brunch and Jalapeño Kick. "Burgers", one said. "What's next..."

IHOb's here for the summer, but it may last longer if the fans are hungry for more. "B-hold! #IHOb", the company said in its tweet.

"Let the record show that the original IHOP/IHOb tweet was liked 21,000 times in around seven hours, while the Wendy's reply got more than 96,000 likes in roughly half that time", reports NPR's Bill Chappell. Lunch follows with 28 percent, then dinner with 16 percent, and late-night service with 7 percent.

IHOP seems to be hedging its bets by saying the IHOb name is "for the time being", suggesting the effort may be more of a marketing ploy rather than a true rebranding campaign.

As a publicity stunt, the move is certainly paying off.

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