Telltale Announces Stranger Things Game

Telltale nabs yet another big license, is working on a Stranger Things game

Telltale and Netflix partnership includes Stranger Things game, Minecraft Story Mode stream

"We're delighted by the response we're seeing to the idea of Minecraft: Story Mode coming to Netflix in the fall as an interactive adventure", Telltale said in a statement to Deadline.

There are no specific details for the Stranger Things game yet.

A TechRadar article on Wednesday caused a flap by reporting Netflix would launch its first streamable game. "There's a broad spectrum of entertainment available today", the company said. Netflix announced that it's not necessarily getting into gaming but it is adding some streaming games to its service. "Games have become increasingly cinematic, but unlike gaming, there's no winners or losers in these types of stories, and we view it as interactive narrative storytelling on our service". The catch is that Netflix will offer a "modified version" of Minecraft: Story Mode, indicating that there will be some changes compared to its console counterparts. This game is launching as a standalone title on the Telltale platform at a later date.

Sources also say that for telltale signs of what the product would eventually look like, one need look no further than Telltale's games on Amazon's Fire TV platform, such as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, which work with controls from little more than a television remote, and will ideally require no additional hardware to function fully.

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While the projects being developed with Telltale Games might technically be considered games, that choice of partners is telling, given that the Telltale Games format is actually a lot closer to a choose-your-own-adventure narrative than a traditional shoot-'em-up. But if you were hoping this represented a first step toward the streaming of modern "AAA" games, the blockbusters like Assassin's Creed or Destiny, keep waiting. Last October, to promote the upcoming season 2 premiere, Netflix launched a retro free-to-play "Stranger Things" mobile game from indie game studio BonusXP. If streaming the games is part of your monthly payment - i.e., there are no extra charges for playing games - it would be a no-brainer for Telltale fans to start a subscription.

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