Russian MP warns against sex with foreigners during World Cup

Russian women should avoid sex with foreign men during World Cup: lawmaker

Russian MP warns against sex with foreigners during World Cup

Pletnyova claimed lessons should be learned from the USSR era when some local women became pregnant after having then-unusual relationships with foreigners at the Moscow Olympics in 1980. "These children then suffer and they suffered even in Soviet times", she said, suggesting the children of interracial couples had the worst experience. Most recently she responded to allegations from multiple female journalists who accused one of Pletnyova's male colleagues of sexually assaulting them by saying they should dress more conservatively, or quit their jobs if they feel unsafe.

Bearing the children of non-Russians could lead to broken families, Tamara Pletnyova, the head of the State Duma's Family, Women and Children Committee, warned in an interview Wednesday. "We should be birthing our own children".

The term was used during the Soviet era to describe non-white children conceived at worldwide events after relationships between Russian women and men from Africa, Latin America, or Asia. I'm not a nationalist, but nonetheless. They have to stay here with mothers'.

"I know that children suffer if they are abandoned and they are left here with the mother", Pletnyova.

"Then they come to me at the committee and cry that the child was taken away, removed, and so forth".

In comments to Govorit Moskva radio station, Alexander Sherin also said Russians should be careful in their interactions with foreigners as they might try to circulate banned substances at the tournament.

'I would have liked people in our country marry for love, regardless of nationality'.

Meanwhile, companies involved in this year's World Cup - including Federation Internationale de Football Association and Russian Railways - are having employees take classes to learn how to smile and make tourists feel more welcome.

Pletnyova concedes that if Russian women simply can't control themselves, they should at least have sex with visitors of the same race.

Her comments drew criticism and ridicule.

'We're not in America or Europe. If a woman doesn't want it, no one is going to harass her, ' she told news site in February.

Pletynova has been an MP since the first post-Soviet parliament in 1993.

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