Roseanne Barr Returns To Twitter To Insist She's 'Never Practised Racism'

REUTERS  Mario Anzuoni

REUTERS Mario Anzuoni

Roseanne Barr is making the freaky claim that her racist tweet about former Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was somehow a condemnation of anti-Semitism.

She referred to Valerie Jarrett as a product of the "Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet Of The Apes".

Then Barr claimed that the film "The Planet of the Apes" was actually about anti-Semitism, and that her original tweet was apparently about the Iran nuclear deal being anti-Semitic.

Barr also thanked fellow comedians, who she says helped her through this hard time, and revealed some physical issues she believes have developed as a result of stress.

Barr then revealed her 2012 presidential campaign manager Thomas Muhammad is to be allowed to speak for her because, "he knows the work I have done in civil rights against racism ALL MY LIFE & understands my tweet was about Iran's regime, not race".

"I'm NOT what people have accused me of!"

Finally, she said she's "developed a bit of palsy in my head and hands due to the stress I have lived thru" and that she's sleeping a lot without Ambien, the prescription sleep aid she said she was under the influence of when she sent her racist tweet.

After sharing her controversial tweet about Jarrett back in May, the actress blamed her behavior on her use of ambien. "I've never practiced "RACISM" in my entire life & never will. Meantime..."

Barr claimed on Wednesday that her recent firing has negatively affected her health.

"MUCH LOVE 2 U all-thanks for helping and praying for me!"

In her tweet Wednesday, she wrote that she's learning to sleep without the medication.

In a flurry of disjointed tweets, Barr also spoke about her future plans, telling fans, "I will begin to speak for myself in media soon".

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