Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Announce First Official Royal Tour Locations

Harry and Meghan turn out for Trooping the Color spectacle

The most stylish royal looks from 2018's Trooping the Colour ceremony

Making her very first balcony debut as the newest member of the royal family, Meghan Markle got the sweetest stage-whispered advice from her husband.

9 June, feast of Trooping the Colour gathered the entire Royal family, including Kate Middleton, who interrupted his decree, and the couple Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who returned from her honeymoon.

According to them, Harry was keen to check in on his new wife, asking, "Okay?" before the flypast began.

More than 1,000 soldiers will take part in the ceremony which marks the Queen's official birthday on Saturday as the nation honours the monarch.

In the blog, she talked about having a "gravitational pull towards what is said to be one of the most attractive countries in the world" and spoke of its stunning lakes, welcoming wine country, glaciers, forest, farmland and beaches. Sadly, it was nothing salacious.

Jacinda Ardern says nothing is confirmed, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are welcome to visit "at their leisure". Ahhh, classic newlywed chat. This became a turning point in Meghan's life, that was the moment when she fell in love with Prince Harry. In a video that's now gone viral, you can see her jokingly conducting an orchestra, making amusing faces and then. wait for it. putting her hand over Prince George's mouth.

It seems Harry continued to keep his wife clued in on how to behave during the parade.

Speculations arose about who would be Markle's go-to fashion person once she enters Kensington Palace.

But even though it used to be home to a family of cows, the building has of course been given an upgrade into a stunning collection of holiday homes fit for the young royals.

In fact, it's believed the American actress began receiving "Duchess lessons" several months ahead of her Royal Wedding on May 19.

Either way, a lot of people leapt to Meghan's defence after the outcry, arguing that some people were focusing too much on archaic rules, and not enough on the fact that the Duchess looked awesome.

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