Love Island's Niall has left the villa for personal reasons

Love Island's Niall has left the villa for personal reasons

'Love Island': Rosie Confronts Adam And Wins Herself A Lot Of Support

If you're already a Love Island fan, read on to learn who this year's contestants are, when to watch it and 2018's set of stricter rules.

The conversation delighted Kendall, who was the first to be dumped from the island after Adam picked Rosie over her.

Niall fell ill inside the villa only nine days after arriving, leading to producers deciding it was time for him to go.

As soon as I actually start to like someone I get the fear.

But what Adam hadn't banked on was that Megan would come straight to Rosie and tell her the truth, and Rosie was definitely not taking the slight lying down.

She also broke down in tears to the women, saying she just wanted to be enough for a man.

Obviously I was coupled up with him so obviously I came closer to him than most people in here but it wasn't just that. I'm going in there with an open mind to find love.

Another source said "We just found out when it came on the press".

She wants to know exactly how Adam feels about Rosie. which is when he drops a bombshell!

"I just want you to realise, with Kendall as well as Rosie now, they are both really good girls", she began.

In a previous tweet Amber wrote to her 351 thousand followers: "Kendall is adorable", but making her current feelings on the 26-year-old known, she retweeted the comment and wrote: "Well I take that back", along with an embarrassed face emoji.

With Laura giving Adam a right telling off for his behaviour is there any hope he will change his ways?

"Let's go for the one who looks like a prostitute because I'll get my dick wet faster".

She continued: "It's fine if you decide then that you don't like Rosie, you don't have to like everyone".

The recoupling comes after Niall Aslam left the villa for personal reasons, meaning his partner Georgia Steel became single.

Love Island continues tonight on 3e at 9pm.

Do you think Rosie will recouple with Adam?

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