HAIM Fires Agent After Being Paid 10 Times Less Than Man

Success Haim first emerged to prominence in 2013 with their debut album 2013 debut album Days Are Gone and are now known for their harmony-heavy and hook-laden songs

HAIM Fire Agent After Being Paid 10 Times Less Than Male Act For Same Music Festival

The sisters did not reveal the name of the festival they were underpaid for, but the band is now traveling on their "Sister Sister Sister Tour". However, after learning they were being paid a mere fraction of what a male counterpart was being paid, the group made a decision to take a stand.

In another recent interview, the members of HAIM talk about how they're seeing more women working in music studios but that, when they visit some American alt-rock radio station, "there won't even be a girls' restroom".

To make matters worse, HAIM was only one space lower than the man on the festival's lineup, meaning that the two performers were relatively equal in success and fame. The group fired their booking agent over the outrage, pinning the blame on their dealmaker.

United States band Haim has revealed they sacked their manager in a row over equal pay. It's f***ed up not even to be paid half the same amount.

"That's why I love my sisters so much", added Alana Haim.

Speaking to Grazia magazine (via NME), the trio of sisters revealed that they had been booked by their agent to perform at a festival for a relatively low rate, but had been told the fee was lower than average due to it being a promotional opportunity. But to be paid a tenth of that amount of money? As Danielle explained, many financial details are kept secret, which means that it's hard to know when you're being cheated.

Alana said: 'What was really scary to us was feeling like if we acted a certain way, people would think we didn't play our own instruments. It a slow and steady climb, but hopefully with more women using their voices against sexism, the industry will take note and make an effective change.

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