Farrah Abraham screams at Beverly Hills Police during hotel arrest

Farrah Abraham at 2017 VMAs

Teen Mom's Farrah Abraham has been arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Abraham left Teen Mom OG behind mid-season this year after being faced with the choice to continue starring in the MTV show or continue appearing in her role as an adult entertainer.

On Wednesday her publicist told Page Six, "At this time we thank everyone for Farrah's concern [sic] and will assure [sic] that when she is released Farrah will release a statement on her behalf".

"Where - where am I battering anyone?" She later added, "I did not attack, or batter, or hurt or injure".

The My Teenage Dream Ended author has a previous arrest on her record for DUI.

Last month, Farrah visited an "aesthetic nurse" to her get her derriere enhanced; she got "butt injections" in an effort to "smooth out" her shape. "No I'm not. Give me my wallet". "And everybody else can see that you're going through my freaking bag..."

Cops arrived at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Southern California after she allegedly got into a fight with an employee.

She began sobbing uncontrollably and seemingly was yelling "I'm not resisting" at the law enforcement. "Nobody's talking to anybody else, do you understand me?"

According to the Beverly Hills Police Department, "officers noted that Abraham exhibited signs of intoxication during the investigation", and the victim sustained minor injuries and was not transported to a hospital.

Prior to her arrest, the reality star shared pics of her day at the Beverly Hills Hotel, including a few snaps of her daughter, Sophia, on her Instagram Stories.

No word on whether the hotel or the guard are pressing charges, but Farrah's bail was set at $500, so I assume she's out of jail by now.

Now this is a developing story.

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