Celtics Made Trade Offer To Spurs For Kawhi Leonard At Deadline

6 NBA players already recruiting Le Bron James on social media

6 NBA players already recruiting Le Bron James on social media

"Popovich wants to coach Leonard for the rest of his Spurs tenure", Wojnarowski wrote, and the two are set to meet soon to try and fix a relationship that has become fractured during Leonard's recovery from a quadriceps injury, and determine Leonard's future with the team.

Leonard, who finished in third place in 2016-17 MVP voting, is under contract for one more year.

There will be a number of suitors contending to make a move for the San Antonio Spurs superstar Kawhi Leonard this summer, and the Boston Celtics are rumored to be one of them.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, citing unidentified league sources, the Celtics made a trade proposal to the Spurs for Leonard before the NBA's February trade deadline.

The duo will reportedly have a meeting about their complicated relationship, and whether or not it's repairable, before the Spurs offer Leonard, who was injured for much of previous year, a super-max contract extension. One of the National Basketball Association teams who is expected to express strong interest in acquiring him is the Cleveland Cavaliers. And, according to the same report, the Spurs rejected the offer. Boston will likely remain interested in acquiring him, though it is unclear whether or not the team's recent postseason success has shifted the way in which they value their young players.

That does not mean it's a guarantee that the Spurs will hold onto Leonard. Popovich famously said he was going to retire when Tim Duncan retired, but went back on that plan. The No. 8 pick could help them speed up the rebuilding process and address the areas they need to improve on their roster.

But what's most notable about the report is there's still a chance the Sixers won't even have an opportunity to acquire Leonard. Family and winning are James' priorities in his next controversial decision.

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