Antoine Griezmann announces his decision to stay with Atlético

France's No.7. Image PA

France's No.7. Image PA

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique is behindd the video in which Atletico Madrid's Antoine Griezmann is set to announce his future.

In what is being billed as a "stunning revelation", Griezmann will make the announcement on his future just two days before France begin their World Cup campaign.

Following the news, he tweeted "My fans, my home, my team".

He has not yet given any clues but has said the decision has been made and he plans on revealing all via the video, therefore not opening himself up to questions from the media.

The show was reminiscent of highly scrutinized LeBron James's 2010 decision.

Griezmann has been long linked with a move to the Nou Camp and could be available for £89million due to a clause in his contract being activated this summer.

Earlier Thursday, Griezmann teased the decision with a clip promoting the special.

"I have chose to stay", he stated, at the end of "The Decision", a programme shown on Movistar+, one similar to that of LeBron James when he announced he'd join the Miami Heat in 2010. "But the truth is what I am going to say now", he said via Movistar+.

The French striker has been teasing his future for several months and made the rather weird choice of filming his decision with Spanish TV station Movistar - even recording two separate versions for if he stays or goes.

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