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Porsche is launching electric car charging mobile app and service for its customers

Porsche teases Taycan EV [Video]

Nods to Porsche history include a centre fuel filler, "Talbot" mirrors, "taped" headlights, silver white paint job and low fly line, influenced by the original 356 1500 Speedster which started the Speedster lineage.

Porsche's new electric vehicle, which carried "Mission E" as its concept name for a long time, will be put on the market under the name Taycan and the name can be translated as lively, young house, the company said.

At Porsche, the vehicle names generally have a concrete connection with the corresponding model and its characteristics: The name Boxster describes the combination of the boxer engine and roadster design; Cayenne denotes fieriness, the Cayman is incisive and agile, and the Panamera offers more than a standard Gran Turismo, which is what allowed it to win the Carrera Panamericana long-distance race.

The future Tesla Model S rival's J1 structure is one of three new electric auto platforms being developed within Porsche's parent company, the Volkswagen Group.

The seats themselves, which are full bucket shape, are made of carbon fibre, and Porsche says the light brown "Cognac" leather 'picks up on features from the car's classic predecessors'. "For example, when you have 400bhp, it could be possible to upgrade to 450bhp". Austria charges 15 cents per minute on the 22 kW charging stations. The Mission E platform is also rumoured to form the basis of an all-electric Bentley sports vehicle. This is credited to the Taycan's new 800-Volt power system that doubles that of the regular 400-Volt system used by other electric vehicles.

About Porsche Cars North America, Inc. The concept also features four-wheel steering and can send power to whichever wheel is best able to deploy it, thanks to a torque vectoring system.

2019 Porsche Taycan: What does it mean for vehicle buyers?

Porsche is the latest in a long line of companies that decided to make an extra buck by charging monthly fees to people in need of information about their electric vehicles. Although the Taycan is likely to be more expensive than the Tesla, Porsche will be hoping that current owners of its internal-combustion-powered models might make the switch, as well as tempting current Tesla Model S owners into a Taycan.

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