Judge orders Angelina Jolie to give Brad Pitt more time with kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six children

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have six children

Angelina Jolie needs to do a much better job of fostering her six children's relationship with their father Brad Pitt, or she risks losing primary custody of them, according to a ruling by a family court judge that has been detailed by The Blast.

The court also addressed the children's visitation with Pitt, organizing a schedule for said visits during the summer months, during which Jolie is not allowed to be present.

One of the issues the court addresses are the children's cell phones.

From July 21 to the 29th, Pitt will be in California and will decide whether the children stay with him or Jolie's home in Los Angeles.

According to a new report, the judge in the couple's divorce case believes it's "harmful" to the children if Angelina continues to restrict access to Brad.

The judge said it was "critical" all the children had a "healthy and strong relationship" with both parents, and that Jolie must let Pitt fix and maintain his bond with them.

The court laid out specific dates and hours that Jolie, 43, must make her younger children available to their father, 54, this summer: both in London, where she is shooting "Maleficent 2", and in Los Angeles.

If she does not respect the new rules, she could lose custody of her children.

Following their split, Pitt was investigated by multiple agencies after Jolie alleged that he had a drinking problem and was abusive to their children.

Sources told E! News that the rift has "dragged on for months, ' is at the heart of 'why the divorce is not final" yet almost two years after Jolie filed.

To that end, the court ordered Jolie to provide Pitt with the cell phone number of each child, and to allow him to call whenever he wants.

The court also outlined a new custody schedule for the children for the northern summer.

The Fight Club star will see the minor children in London, where Jolie is renting a house, for 10 days in mid-June where he can spend time with one or two of them for four hours per day.

In some ways, the globe-trotting Jolie has come to resent Pitt for "essentially forcing her to settle down in Los Angeles with the kids", Us Weekly reported in May.

In late June, Pitt's access ramps up to 10 hours a day. He will then get four consecutive days with his children from July 8 through July 14.

For now, Pitt is travelling back and forwards from London, where the children are doing school work in a trailer on the movie set.

Eldest child Maddox however will be able to choose how much time he wants with each parent because of his age. They absorb everything. They need to have their hand held and things explained.

"Kids are so delicate".

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