Intel announces its first discrete GPU will arrive in 2020

Intel will be releasing its first discrete GPU in 2020

Intel Will Enter GPU Market By 2020

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Discrete GPUs are standalone components from the CPU that enable more powerful graphics than the integrated GPUs Intel now offers.

Koduri was tasked with leading Intel's new, vaguely worded "Core and Visual Computing Group" with the goal of delivering "high-end, discrete graphics solution", the company said at the time. Either way though, a 2020 launch date would be aggressive, particularly since Raja Koduri only joined Intel's Core and Visual Computing Group in December 2017. The current codenames for Intel's upcoming GPUs are Arctic Sound and Jupiter Sound, with Raja Koduri focusing on the datacenter and AI at first, but we should expect gaming variants to arrive in the months and years after the initial push from Intel for GPU dominance.

Koduri now serves as Intel's chief architect and SVP of the newly created Core and Visual Computing Group. The nature of the meeting itself hasn't been disclosed, but Intel regularly gives analysts extremely broad timelines for new technologies as part of outlining their plans to remain on top of the market. Shenoy acknowledged that the company will be introducing GPU products for both the data center and the client markets. Intel may still just about hold sway in the CPU market, but they're now a long way behind in the graphics game.

Shrout notes that Intel's 2020 plans are ambitious given the three-year development cycle for complex design and the need to build it from scratch.

Unfortunately, that's all we have to go on at the moment - at least with regards to new confirmed information from Intel. In 1998 it unveiled the Intel740, or i740, in a high-profile launch.

The processing power Nvidia's GPUs are capable of has made them a useful tool for those dealing in ether, but the company's CEO would prefer the GPUs be kept for use in areas such as gaming or high-performance computing.

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