Fyre Festival promoter arrested for fraud again

Fyre Fest Boss Charged Over New Scam While Awaiting Sentence For Old Scam

Billy McFarland Charged for Coachella & Super Bowl Scam While Awaiting Sentencing for Fyre Festival

Prosecutors say McFarland committed crimes even after he pleaded guilty in March to defrauding investors and vendors in the Fyre Festival. "McFarland allegedly went on to sell fraudulent tickets to many grand events, totaling nearly $100,000".

Brendan McDermid / Reuters Billy McFarland (left) sold almost $100,000 worth of fraudulent tickets in the several months since he's been free on bail, according to federal prosecutors.

The crooked promoter of the disastrous Fyre Festival went back to defrauding people after he was arrested previous year - and his newest victims include angry attendees of his infamously shoddy 2017 music festival, prosecutors said on Tuesday.

The plea pertained to the bungled spring 2017 Fyre Festival on the Bahamian island of Exuma that cost over 80 investors a total of $26 million (all figures US).

Just when you thought it was safe, the epic millennial influencer debacle known as Fyre Festival is back in the news for, surprise, fraud.

Billy McFarland was arrested on Tuesday on charges that he conducted a sham ticket scheme, selling fraudulent tickets to fashion, music and sporting events. An attorney for McFarland did not immediately respond to Variety's request for comment.

FBI Special Agent Brandon Racz, an investigator on the case, claims McFarland asked his assistant, referred to in the document as "Employee-2", to use the contact information he still had on those who'd bought tickets to Fyre Festival in order to target potential "customer-victims" of NYC VIP Access.

McFarland allegedly solicited Fyre Fest attendees to purchase "tickets" from the company.

"The weight of the evidence here is quite strong", Greenberg said. He's due to be sentenced this month after pleading guilty in March.

She said prosecutors were considering additional charges including bank fraud and an identity theft charge that would carry a mandatory two-year prison sentence upon conviction.

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