FBI agent who dropped gun while dancing charged with assault

Dancing FBI agent accused of accidentally shooting man at bar charged

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He faces charges for second-degree assault but he has not been formally charged, according to NBC affiliate KUSA.

Additional charges could be filed based on the results of toxicology tests, which have not yet been received.

Bishop turned himself in to the Denver Sheriff Department on Tuesday morning after a warrant was issued for his arrest, according to Denver police. Bishop then places the gun in his waistband and walks off the dance floor with his hands in the air.

As he scrambled to pick up the handgun, it fired, shooting Thomas Reddington in the leg. During the flip, his gun falls out of his trousers and when Bishop picks it up, the gun fires.

The District Attorney's Office as well as Denver FBI did not comment on the incident, citing a pending investigation.

The injured 24-year-old appeared on Good Morning America, when he told reporters it he didn't realise he'd been shot until he saw blood running down his leg.

"We sat down at one of those picnic tables - I heard a loud bang and I thought some idiot set off a firecracker", Reddington told ABC News.

"Then I looked at my leg and see some brown residue. And that's when it clicked in my head, 'Oh, I've been shot'".

The bar also said the patron who was shot is welcome to complimentary drinks forever at the bar.

"It is shocking that the only shooting to ever occur at our establishment came about as a result of an Federal Bureau of Investigation agent entering our distillery tasting room carrying a loaded firearm without our knowledge, in violation of our rules", the bar said, adding later: "We are deeply saddened by the events that occurred and look forward to speaking with representatives of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, so we can come to understand his presence and his need to be armed in our establishment".

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