China wants UN Security Council to lift sanctions on North Korea

Fox News host apologizes for calling Trump Kim'two dictators

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A historic encounter between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un ended in Singapore Tuesday with a pledge by Pyongyang "to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula" and an unexpected announcement that the US would suspend military drills with South Korea. Aum, the North Korea expert, said Lee's expertise shines in this area. He is hardly a clear victor; although he insisted that he gave up nothing, it is unclear what concessions Trump extracted from Kim.

"Well, you have a different administration, you have a different president, you have a different secretary of state, " Trump said Tuesday, when asked why he thought this attempt on North Korea would turn out differently.

Geng dismissed accusations from Trump that Beijing has been easing up on the sanctions, saying it is following United Nations sanctions "comprehensively, accurately and strictly".

"The President's comments [were] very positive and the Statement touches on a new relationship with North Korea, and end to the Korean War, complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and recovering POW/MIA remains - all positive commitments", he said.

Mr Kim also "reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula". He added Otto Warmbier, an American once detained in North Korea, "did not die in vain" because his death brought about the nuclear talks.

Setting out the United States position before the summit, Pompeo stressed that the Trump administration would only accept complete denuclearisation of the North.

North Korea sees the annual exercises as a rehearsal for invasion, but the government in Seoul maintains they are defensive in nature.

Trump said verification processes had been discussed at the summit, and that Kim understood it would involve accepting large numbers of USA and global personnel.

As reports emerged that the South Korean government was surprised by the announcement, questions were raised about whether Mattis and other US policymakers had also been caught off guard.

Ambassador Joseph DeTrani, who served as a top USA negotiator with Pyongyang before the last attempt at diplomacy broke down in 2009, was more optimistic. There was no proof, though, that this suspension were permanent rather than a simple freezing of activity while Kim negotiated with other countries like South Korea and the U.S.

The camera then panned to Kim who listened to the translation - and his reaction about their weight was utterly priceless.

The White House said the daylong summit would also include a working lunch and a larger meeting involving aides to both leaders.

Kim departed the Capella hotel on the resort island of Sentosa shortly after signing the document, while Trump is expected to hold a news conference later in the day before returning to Washington.

Trump's unilateral declaration of suspension of the U.S.

Perhaps most importantly, Trump did not succeed in getting Kim to clarify his definition of "denuclearization".

The US would suspend "provocative" war games it holds with South Korea.

"Think of it from the real estate prospective".

"There can only be two results: one of moving back, or one of moving forward", the narrator says.

Efforts by previous presidents committed Pyongyang to far more detailed and specific restrictions, though the deals all ultimately failed.

The North has faced crippling diplomatic and economic sanctions as it has advanced development of its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

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