Rose McGowan indicted in cocaine possession case

Rose Mc Gowan leaves Loudoun County District Court in May

Rose Mc Gowan leaves Loudoun County District Court in May

And although she fought to have the case thrown out, on Monday, she was indicted by a grand jury and has been hit with one felony count of cocaine possession.

"Rose steadfastly maintains her innocence", her attorney, Jose Baez, tells However, he wrote to the Virginia court in November that the drugs had time to be planted.

The Charmed alum's trial date has been set for Tuesday, June 12, just one day after her indictment.

Back in January 2017, police allegedly found several small bags of cocaine in a wallet McGowan left on a flight at Washington Dulles International Airport.

McGowan tweeted about incident, asking, "Are they trying to silence me?"

Later that year an arrest warrant for McGowan surfaced, shortly after she publicly accused Weinstein of raping her.

McGowan says she is being targeted because of her advocacy against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Through a spokesperson, Weinstein has consistently denied any allegations of "non-consensual sex".

According to court documents filed in February, Jessica Carmichael, McGowan's then-defense attorney, pointed out that five hours had passed between the time when her client left the plane, where she forgot her wallet, and the cleaning staff found it.

"Imagining I'm going into sisterly solidarity, I can think of nothing more opposed to that, energetically, that I would want in my body at that moment", she said referring to the cocaine.

Weinstein couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

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