Elon Musk's flamethrowers are listed on eBay for as high as $20,000

The first 1,000 flamethrowers have been collected according to Musk

Image The first 1,000 flamethrowers have been collected according to Musk

Earlier this year, Musk revealed he had hastily re-branded the guns to "Not A Flamethrower" after a number of customs agencies stated they would not ship any packages labelled as "Boring Company Flamethrower" to customers in the mail.

While the merchandise certainly helps draw attention to Musk's boring ambitions and the holes he's drilling into Los Angeles streets, they're not how he's subsidizing most of the projects.

Billionaire space exploration hobbyist and business magnate Elon Musk held the hottest party in Los Angeles over the weekend.

The "Not A Flamethrower" flamethrower made famous by Elon Musk is officially in the hands of customers.

Those who bothered to put the products up for auction are looking to turn a profit-most of them are listed for more than $3,000, with one listed with a "Buy it Now" price of $20,000, according to CNN.

Elon Musk's tunnel startup The Boring Company began distributing its first 1,000 personal flamethrowers to buyers over the weekend in Southern California.

Still on a roll, Musk followed up with a suggested application for the flamethrower: lighting BBQs and home fireplaces.

Ahead of the original launch of the gun, he said: 'When the zombie apocalypse happens, you'll be glad you bought a flamethrower.

What started as an online gag has turned into a marketing ploy worth millions - with the first 1,000 customers receiving the flamethrower - that promotes the Boring Co., Musk's endeavor to build underground transportation tunnels.

Twitter user @SPPhotonic mentioned California fire hazards,"Did Nobody tell you that fire Hazards in California are not a joke?"

The fire-breathing device comes packaged with a rhyming set of terms and conditions that nods to the classic Dr. Seuss book "Green Eggs and Ham".

Elon Musk hinted at the Boring Company's plans to launch a "freezegun" in a tweet back in January.

First 1000 Boring Company Flamethrowers being picked up today! The electric sled would allow for cars to be transported at 150 miles per hour through the tunnel, Musk has said.

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