Amazon expands Prime Whole Foods discount to Alabama

Amazon brings Prime discounts at Whole Foods to 10 more states

Amazon expands Whole Foods discounts to 10 states

Amazon has announced that discounts for Prime members at Whole Foods Market will roll out across ten more states on Wednesday.

Amazon Prime members in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Oregon, North Carolina, Washington, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, and SC, as well as parts of Southern California, will be able to take advantage of steep discounts at Whole Foods, starting on June 13. North Carolina is one of 10 new states in which Amazon is expanding such benefits.

The tech giant's announcement comes days before it plans to open its highly anticipated Charlotte store on Stonewall Street uptown. In order to get the discount, Amazon Prime members scan their Prime code on the Whole Foods app or give your mobile number at checkout.

"Based on the positive customer feedback and successes we've seen over the past month, we're accelerating our timeline to expand these savings to all of our USA stores", A.C. Gallo, the president and chief operating officer at Whole Foods Market said.

As previously reported by FOX Business, Amazon rolled out a discount program at Whole Foods for Prime members in May.

Amazon first announced the deal earlier this month at stores in Florida, and expanded it to 12 more states in late May.

With the newest expansion, Amazon Prime deals will be available to shoppers of Whole Foods stores in almost half the country. On June 13, Whole Foods will launch a slew of additional sale items for Prime members only.

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