Here's your first look at the latest BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Key2

BlackBerry Debuts KEY2 With Dual Cameras & Smarter Keyboard

Big beautiful photos of the BlackBerry Key2, a 2018 phone with a physical keyboard

The phone will go on sale this month globally at a starting price of Dollars 649 (EUR 649/ INR 43,558 approx). China's TCL now holds the license to manufacture smartphones under the BlackBerry brand, and the latest Key 2 is being marketed as a premium device. Blackberry Key2 comes with dual camera 12 megapixels, with fast autofocus feature.

As Blackberry did not bring anything special in the size and screen of the Key2, they added an extra camera on the back of the phone. Prices for the KEY2 start at $649 in the USA and are expected to go on sale later in June around the world. The phone is equipped with the iconic physical keyboard with a slimmer top bezel and spacious bottom for wider keys. The KEY2 continues that tradition and includes a new key, called Speed Key, which is a universal shortcut key that enables users to instantly access up to 52 apps, contacts or functions. The key height on this smartphone has been increased by another 20%, resulting in a more comfortable and accurate typing experience. The most important takeaway from our time with the KEY2 is that it addresses most of the issues that were brought to light when the KeyOne was reviewed previous year (TCL and BlackBerry KeyOne Unlock Serious Feels, GeekDad, September 24, 2017 by Mordechai Luchins). The rear is now a textured diamond grip non-slip back.

TCL unveiled the BlackBerry KEY2, which runs on Alphabet Inc's widely used Android operating system, amid tensions between Washington and Beijing over the sale of Chinese telecommunications equipment in the United States. All in all, BlackBerry Key2 is undoubtedly a performance packed phone with captivating looks. Moreover, Dtek can also detect if an app acts oddly, and alert the user.

Gartner's Tuong Nguyen said that despite TCL's marketing messages to enterprise buyers, he expects traction to be extremely limited for this phone model. "This feature might in fact give it a niche appeal, rather than broad, mass market interest". But, the physical keyboard does not have special characters, so u need to depend on a virtual keypad for this. "Same with the shortcut key".

On the software front, it has all the proprietary Blackberry productivity and security features. Historically, BlackBerry smartphones haven't had a great reputation of providing impressive cameras so one shouldn't hold one's breath for that to happen this time around but there is no denying on paper these look like good camera specs.

Whether this is the phone for you depends on what you're looking for.

Enderle said he can see the KEY2 being a business-focused phone for people whose phones are critical to their jobs and careers.

After watching its market share for smartphones dwindle to nearly nothing after the rise of Apple's iPhones and competing handsets from makers including Samsung, BlackBerry announced in September 2016 that it would no longer build or market handsets.

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