Fortnite's challenges for week 6 of season 4 encourage an aggressive playstyle

A girl reportedly addicted to the online game Fortnite is undergoing rehab treatment

A girl reportedly addicted to the online game Fortnite is undergoing rehab treatment. Chris Ison ROK270218cgame4

It should have a little bare brown patch of earth next to it, which is where you'll find the Fortnite Battle Stars.

This week's list of challenges will send you all around the map to earn your Battle Stars, so be prepared to grind out the game if you want to rank up your Battle Pass this week. Below you'll see the Blockbuster week 6 loading screen with the free Battle pass tier circled.

Blockbuster challenges were added by Epic Games as part of its season 4 update and start with a special loading screen.

Train your eyes on the top of the red Fork Knife truck in the background and you should spy a translucent Battle Star.

The week 6 loading screen shows the full cast of heroes and villains hanging around a film set between the supervillain's lair and Snobby Shores, drinking tea and being civil. Elsewhere, the footprint is to the west of Greasy Grove.

The Fortnite Week 7 challenges task players with dealing damage with the pickaxe, searching chests in Risky Reels, consuming foraged items like apples and mushrooms, scoring goals, following a treasure map, getting kills with assault rifles, and taking people out in Shifty Shafts.

Screenshot from the game
Screenshot from the game

To find the Battle Star hidden between the playground, campsite, and footprint, head to the spot marked on this handy all-in-one cheat sheet by Reddit user thesquatingdog.

We're now in the second half of season four in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and the challenges are upping the ante this week with their difficulty level. Here's where they are.

One of the new leaked challenges reveals that players will need to "Spray over different Carbide or Omega Posters".

They will also need to search Chests in Loot Lake and as well as Supply Drops, which will likely be dotted all over the island.

A total of seven will need to be tracked down, so expect a lot of chatter online about this upcoming challenge.

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