SC woman who stole baby in FL sentenced

The Florida Times Union via AP

The Florida Times Union via AP

Gloria Williams posed as a nurse and stole Kamiyah Mobley from a Jacksonville hospital in July 1998 before giving the child a different name, Alexis Manigo, and raising her as her own in SC. She will also serve five years concurrently on a charge of custody interference.

A SC woman who stole a newborn from a Florida hospital and raised the child as her own was sentenced to prison. Gloria Williams was sentenced Friday for the kidnapping of Kamiyah Mobley in July 1998 from a hospital in Jacksonville.

After stealing the newborn, Williams took her to SC, named her Alexis Manigo, and lived as her mother until 2017.

As part of her sentencing, Williams had to agree to not profit from her crime.

Judge Melanie Aho began with some housekeeping issues before she asked Gloria Williams to come to the podium with her attorneys.

In a statement released to Action News Jax, Aiken agreed with the judge's winners and losers comment. "This is a very sad case and many people have suffered as a result of this case, including Mrs. Williams".

"The family in this case suffered not knowing what happened to their child for approximately 18 years".

Gloria Williams testifies on the second day of her sentencing hearing Friday, May 4, 2018, at the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eighteen years later, Kamiyah Mobley was found, now named Alexis Manigo, living a life with her kidnapper as her mother. She didn't tell the girl of her true identity until the girl discovered she couldn't get a driver's license because she didn't have a valid birth certificate or Social Security card.

Authorities found Mobley through tips from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Her birth mother, Shanara Mobley, wanted the longest sentence possible.

Kamiyah has spent time with her biological parents since then, but still supports the only mother she knew. She has professed sadness that Williams faces years in a prison cell, and had pleaded for a shorter sentence.

"This young woman was abducted as a newborn, and she is going to need time and assistance to process all this", Williams said. "My life was out of control, I lost everything", she said. "I am your mother", she cried out in a downtown Jacksonville court during a hearing in May, News 4 Jax reported.

Kamiyah, who has met her biological parents, told HLN previous year that she loves Williams and still considers her her mother. Williams pled guilty in a SC courtroom to the charge in February and had accepted a plea agreement.

"I still feel the same way about her", she said at the time.

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