Hammond slaps Johnson down over leaked Brexit comments

Sir Alan Duncan suggested another vote could be held in comments that are likely to spark fury among Brexiteers and contradicting government policy

US asks UK 'help us dismantle North Korea's nukes'

Boris Johnson reportedly warned there may be a Brexit "meltdown" in private comments made at a dinner this week.

In his conversation secretly recorded on Wednesday night, Boris Johnson fantasised about what the Brexit negotiations would be like if Donald Trump were in charge. "But you might get somewhere".

"She is going to stick to what she has said, which is that we will leave the customs union and we leave the single market and we have to do that to capture the advantages of Brexit".

And he said he was "increasingly admiring of Donald Trump".

The former Conservative leader Michael Howard has defended Boris Johnson after he was recorded accusing the Treasury of being "the heart of remain" intent on sacrificing the long-term gains of Brexit. "It's a very good thought".

Buzzfeed said Johnson was keynote speaker at Conservative Way Forward's summer reception in London, and a select group of 20 people had gone afterwards into a private room for dinner where the foreign secretary was "characteristically ebullient and loose-lipped" on the most pressing policy and political matters facing the United Kingdom government.

He said the establishment was seeking to ensure that Brexit "does as little change as possible", but "the risk is that you will end up in an anteroom of the European Union, locked in orbit around the EU".

"She will be putting forward a British plan that will have global support to set up a rapid response unit to identify Russian malfeasance ... whether it's cyber warfare, assassinations, calling it out and identifying it". No panic. Pro bono publico, no bloody panic.

"And they will try to stiff us".

The Prime Minister has bowed to pressure from Brexit Secretary David Davis by imposing a time limit on the backstop arrangements for Brexit. A spokeswoman refused to comment on the leaked recording of the Foreign Secretary's indiscreet assessment of Brexit.

Howard added: "He's certainly right to say we shouldn't panic".

In his remarks, Johnson said that he was confident that there would be a Brexit, but expressed fear about what it would look like. I don't know about a meltdown.

Johnson was extolling the virtues of Trump's negotiating skills, which have, so far, put the U.S. at the brink of a trade war with Europe and left the universally acclaimed nuclear deal with Iran in tatters, as he expressed concern that the "Remain Camp" at the heart of the British government may cross numerous Brexiteers' "red lines" with its overly cautious approach to the negotiations.

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