Dolby Atmos Box With Built-In Echo For Alexa Control

Amazon Fire TV Cube Is A 4K HDR + Dolby Atmos Box With Built-In Echo For Alexa Control

Two Days Only: Prime Members Get Amazon Fire TV Cube $30 Off

The Fire TV Cube will do the stuff you'd expect from a Fire TV: you'll be able to use it to stream Netflix, play games, and all of that jazz.

If you are in the market for some Amazon Fire-branded hardware but wanted something a little more "cube-like", then the company's latest introduction may be right up your street.

The Cube also has smart assistant integration via Amazon's Alexa AI, HDMI CEC, and even far-field voice recognition which surpasses Apple TV 4K in the fact that it doesn't rely on the remote control being present and actually functions similar to Apple's HomePod in that it uses advanced beamforming tech to suppress environment noise and focus exclusively on the command.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant on Thursday announced a new cube-shaped device that is a combination of combination of an Echo, streaming box and universal remote in one.

Fire TV Cube also has a built-in speaker to lets users check the weather, listen to the news, control compatible smart home devices, all without switching the TV on. It comes with a remote and it has an HDMI port. It supports cable TV boxes, enabling users to change the cable TV channel via voice. With this Amazon is combining the Fire TV streaming with Echo's Alexa experience.

"It "suppresses" noise and competing for speech to make sure 'Alexa clearly hears your request, even next to your TV, '" Amazon said. And, it's just the beginning. The company has priced the Amazon Fire TV Cube at $119.99 and is up for pre-order on the website. As part of the introductory offer the Amazon Prime members can pre-order the Fire TV Cube on June 7 and June 8 for a special price of $89.99.

Amazon's digital assistant Alexa can reportedly be brought to Apple Watch by a standalone third party app, Voice in a Can, which tethers to an iPhone to use the assistant when in WiFi signals, the media reported. Also, customers who buy and register their Fire TV Cube by July 1 will receive a $10 credit for Prime Video.

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