Bison gores woman in Yellowstone National Park's third animal attack this week

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A bison in Yellowstone National Park gored a woman Wednesday morning after a group of park goers crowded the animal, the National Park Service said in a statement Thursday.

People in the crowd got increasingly close to the animal, according to park officials, saying "at one point, people were closer than 15 feet from the bison".

The bison - which can weigh up to 2,000lb - got agitated and crossed the boardwalk, charging the crowd and goring Hancock. The bison then proceeded to immediately leave the area. Hancock received a hip injury as a result of the attack and was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Big Sky, Montana, according to the release. A bison has gored a woman for the third animal attack in Yellowstone National Park this week.

Two people have been attacked by elks in recent days as well.

Earlier in the week, two women were injured by elk, one on Sunday and another on Tuesday.

Four people have been injured by wildlife at Yellowstone in the last month or so, park officials said. Always stay at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears and wolves, and at least 25 yards (23 m) away from all other animals, including bison and elk.

A safe distance is at least 75 feet, the park stressed. "Give animals space when they're near trails, boardwalks, parking lots, or in developed areas".

"It's very common for cow elk to aggressively defend newborn calves and hide them near buildings and cars", the Park Service said.

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