Fortnite's New Close Encounters Mode Is Now Live After Being Disabled

The Jetpack proved a popular limited time item

The Jetpack proved a popular limited time item

Future updates will also offer features such as in-world markers, challenge progress notifications, a Victory Royale screen for a game victor to relish, a high-resolution mini-map and improved audio to help players hear someone trying to creep up on them. YouTube is already awash with creators that focus exclusively on producing Fortnite-related content, which when combined with its free-to-play model has resulted in a powerful network effect. The jet packs have received mixed reviews, with some saying they are fun, but most saying they grant too much of an advantage to anyone using them. Quick note to Myth: Don't expect Paul George to make any big shots at the end of a game.

The developer has announced a new update that will allow gamers to practice in squads of four. While the limited-time mode went up earlier this morning, developer Epic Games pulled it after only around 30 minutes or so, leaving fans pretty upset.

Future updates for Fortnite Battle Royale look set to add a whole new range of special items to the game.

As this information has been taken from Fortnite files and not from Epic Games, it should all be taken at face value for now.

It sounds like the folks behind "Fortnite", Epic Games, agree. This will give more knowledge to players that want to improve based on seeing different strategies and techniques used by some of the better Fortnite players.

Fortnite is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC, as well as iOS and Android devices. Epic told me 12 weeks ago that the one that started 12 weeks ago, they sold 5 million Game Passes the first day.

At this point, if you haven't begun playing Fortnite we only have one question?

Next, you'll have to get weapons and items and find cover until the storm circle moves again, most likely at the edge of the circle where you're less likely to run into people.

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