Flights Delayed At Stansted Airport After Overnight Lightning Strikes — Travel Chaos

British meteorologists say up to 20,000 lightning strikes hit the United Kingdom during a powerful overnight thunderstorm, and a London-area airport is reporting flight disruptions after an aircraft refuelling system was damaged.

There were cancellations and delays following a thunderstorm and lightning strikes overnight.

One passenger tweeted: 'All we been told is no fuel in Stansted due to fuel tank being struck by lightnight'.

Another wrote: "Just been told there is now *no fuel* available throughout the airport".

The Thomas Cook MT1958 flight from London Stansted Airport to Reus Airport, in Spain's Catalonia region, touched down in Norwich this morning to refuel.

The fuelling system was repaired this morning, but passengers were warned to check before travelling.

"Engineers working on fixing the fuel hydrant".

A spokeswoman said engineers had since restored the system but "flights may be diverted, delayed or cancelled".

Another wrote: 'Plane getting hot and stuffy as we wait for fuel as Stansted Airport fuel system broken'.

Yet flights could still be diverted, delayed or even cancelled, with passengers being advised to check with their airline for updates.

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