Does Solo: A Star Wars Story Have A Credits Scene?

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Does Solo: A Star Wars Story Have A Credits Scene?

Disney rolled out its highly-anticipated Solo: A Star Wars Story in theaters nationwide for Thursday sneak preview screenings, and it has already set a new box office record.

It's not all Solo today, however, as there are plenty of other big movies to cover from entertainment land both within the Star Wars franchise - we're talking to you, rumored Boba Fett movie - and outside of it as well. Industry forecasts based on audience polls and advance ticket sales had initially placed the Star Wars spinoff earning $170 million its opening weekend, which would've given it the all-time record for largest Memorial Day weekend box office earnings.

The Jedi Council crew have been covering Solo: A Star Wars Story since the film was announced, so you know Kristian and Ken are excited to finally able to discuss, dissect, and debate the actual film as opposed to trying to gleam insight from trailers, teasers, and clips.

Despite being replaced by Howard, over a quarter of the finished film consists of material shot by Lord and Miller, and if rumours are to be believed it seems that Lucasfilm did actually use their footage to create a trailer prior to the duo's exit, which was meant to be shown to fans at Star Wars Celebration last April. "Solo looks to restore this holiday frame to its former glory and its place as one of the most important weekends of the year and the all-important summer movie season".

A new adventure with the most beloved scoundrel in the galaxy. In addition to being the main production designer of Rogue One, he was also a design director and a visual effects production designer for The Phantom Menace, a concept design supervisor for Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones, and was a concept artist for The Force Awakens. It is the second A Star Wars Story film to be released by Disney and Lucasfilm, but the first to specifically focus on an original trilogy character.

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