Brandon Marshall, Broncos LB, disagrees with new NFL national anthem policy

NFL National Anthem policy panders to Trump: Darcy cartoon

Tomi Lahren Revels After NFL National Anthem Rule Change: 'They Can Still Pout in the Locker Room'

"I think that's good", Trump said.

But restricting NFL players' activism to locker rooms and penalizing those who decide against standing for the national anthem is no different, especially when the policy is prompted by fear of angering Trump.

"I can no longer ask our team to not say something while they are in a Raider uniform". When it comes to the anthem policy, Baldwin said his initial reaction was an emotional one of disappointment that "pulls on the heartstrings" because players weren't involved in the decision-making process. "I respect the man because he's a human being, first and foremost".

The Seahawks receiver, who went to Stanford, then explained that the comment was just Trump being his usual "divisive" self. It is what it is. It's not very empathetic, it's not very American-like, actually to me.

"It's not very patriotic, it's not what this country was founded upon", Baldwin continued. Between Aug. 14, 2016 ― when Kaepernick first sat out the national anthem ― and now, at least 253 of the people listed in the Post's database did not have their race confirmed.

Kerr previously defended NFL players who chose to protest during the national anthem in a piece for Sports Illustrated - where he also discussed how his team would not visit Trump in the White House as is customary for championship teams.

"I think it's just typical of the NFL", Kerr said Thursday via USA TODAY.

That NFL owners enacted the policy to appease their audience. Baldwin's comments likely echo what numerous players in the league feel about Trump's stance on the issue.

"Pretty much. I think that's part of it. It seems that way". It would be easy to stop players from peacefully protesting. She did not say that she approved of the NFL's decision to ban the protest-but she didn't really condemn it, either. With the new Social Justice Fund that we will be putting in place this year, I think our players and our organization will be able to have an even bigger impact in our communities.

"This is a contradictory policy", Rebecca Gerber, Care2's senior director of engagement, said in a statement. "The whole team is out there and you come jogging out, like, "Oh, he's the guy that's protesting".

Now, Carroll said, it's an issue the team will again have to work through. I don't expect it's going to be an issue for us one way or the other. So we're going to have deal with that in time; we'll figure it out.

Carroll said it was too soon to know how the team might react but that whatever the team does it will do together.

Twitter bickering aside, from a brand strength point of view it's not hard to see the gulf between them, and ultimately those who support either side. I'm going to go out there and stand for the Anthem and I'm going to play football. "We chose not to support them (the players), so what I will do on Sunday now is fish". I love my children.

"We'll have conversations, " Baldwin said. "It's yet to be seen. That's what we're trying to do here". They have the option to remain in the locker room. That's the reason why we took a knee.

"I feel like it might make people rebel, " he said.

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